Wicked Cyclone

Oooh its looking bad ass!  I just wish they had made it taller

this makes me so angry you have no god damn idea.  Six Flags totally cheaper out bringing four of these into their parks and promoting it like its the hot new thing.  fuck off with that!

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So Adventureland in Long Island was retiring their only “big” coaster to bring in something new for next summer.  So i made the trek there to ride it before it closed.  I didn’t have a lot of time or a camera other than my cell phone for the day.  

Cute park.  very small.  we were only there to ride the coaster but would come back next year for the new ride and to check out the rest.

with my bestie, POLO

the ride was surprisingly good and not as jerky as i would have thought for its age.  Its an SDC class Hurricane like the old one from Santa Cruz beach Boardwalk that moved to Western Playland in NM last year. 59ft tall and 35mph.  good times

The new ride opening next year is a Mack Spinning coaster.  They haven’t been exactly cloned yet, each existing ride is a little unique, so this is a good opportunity for the park.  With such a tight space, it was limited what they could bring in

the 2nd half of my favorite coaster in the world.  Bizarro-SF New England

  1. Camera: Canon EOS REBEL SL1
  2. Aperture: f/5
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 61mm

Being so poor this year all i had was my Six flags season pass.  So i hit Great Adventure and New England a few times.  I passed through Coney Island to take pics of the new ride once, popped by Adventureland in Long Island to catch a coaster that was gonna get torn down and thats it.  Only added 1 new coaster onto my coaster count totals. so I’m at 108.  hope next year is better.  

Very aware that i haven’t kept up.  working on that now.  Six Flags announcements were made today!

Green Lantern.  B&M Standup Coaster.  

Six Flags Great Adventure.  

(formerly Chang at Kentucky Kingdom)

154ft tall.  

  1. Camera: Canon EOS REBEL T1i
  2. Aperture: f/14
  3. Exposure: 1/400th
  4. Focal Length: 43mm

Green Lantern.  Over 150ft tall

  1. Camera: Canon EOS REBEL T1i
  2. Aperture: f/10
  3. Exposure: 1/250th
  4. Focal Length: 27mm

This was heart breaking for me.  I know it was painful and antiquated but I MISS Rolling Thunder already

Its used to be visible right behind El Toro from this angle

This is all thats left of its entrance area

The only other remnant are the old cars that are sitting in the parking lot

Zumanjaro.  Six Flags Great Adventure